Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really high quality?

YES! We love writing. We're proud of our stationery, pens, pencils... everything! We base our entire business on the notion that you'll love it as much as we do.  The style and feel will differ a little each month, but EVERY set you get will be hand-picked for quality and style. 

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How much does it cost?

Click & Scribble membership is available for just $19.99 per month. There are no additional fees, costs or expenses of any kind.  And, for that price, you also get full digital access to Ariana Society, a premier VIP online membership club with tons of perks and benefits.  

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What if I want to cancel?

We may be heartbroken, but we don't make it difficult for you to cancel at all.  Just log in, click "Membership," and you can cancel in just a few clicks. It's effectively immediately, there are no fees, and we won't try to pull anything over on you. 

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When do I get my stationery?

We ship our sets around the middle of every month. We ship by USPS, so you should receive them a few days later. You don't have to do anything special, just receive--and enjoy--your beautiful stationery every month. 

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What shipping courier do you use?

We proudly support the United States Postal Service, and we ship everything we can through USPS.  In some rare cases, you might receive sets through another carrier, but they will almost always arrive via USPS.  

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What's this Ariana Society thing? 

Ariana Society is a VIP online membership club. Members get unprecedented benefits like group-buying discounts, private chat and messaging, group and private video conferencing, and much much more.  Click & Scribble is a service of Ariana Society, so all of these benefits are included in your membership at no additional charge! 

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Click & Scribble Means

Beautiful Stationery & More

Every month, we hand-pick a new favorite batch of stationery, stickers, pens, and/or pencils based on quality and design.  This is something we already do for ourselves, and now we're sharing it with you!  

Each month, you'll get a surprise package that we've carefully selected as our monthly favorites. We handle everything (even shipping), so all you have to do is check your mail then enjoy your beautiful new stationery!